Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hot offers on Naxos hotels, apartments & studios for 2013

Writing this post at 35 degrees is no fun, I assure you, but I can't wait any longer for a summary of next season's offers! We already updated prices for 2013 on our website and here are the hot news:

Vaggelis Hotel in Agios Prokopios
Prices compared to 2012 up to 20% cheaper.
Breakfast now included in the prices (was 7 euros extra)

Nikitas in Naxos Town (Chora)
Prices compared to 2012 up to 10% cheaper.

Michalis studios in Naxos Town (Chora)
Fully renovated and upgraded with additional facilities, Michalis offers the same prices for 2013.

Villa Naxia in Agios Georgios beach
Prices compared to 2012 up to 10% cheaper.

Maria Studios in Agios Prokopios
Prices compared to 2012 up to 20% cheaper.

Stafilas Studios in Agia Anna
Studios for 2 in September 20% cheaper
Apartments  for 3-4 (the whole season) up to 10% cheaper

Valena Mare in Plaka
Between 10 – 30% cheaper compared to 2012

Moreover, we have a brand new addition of a 5 stars' hotel in Agios Prokopios, the Naxos Island Hotel, which offers rooftop pool, private jacuzzi, spa, gym, shops, all luxus and extra services your heart may desire.

And last, but not least, we have a new suggestion on how to optimize your holiday in Greece. From most major European cities you can  fly directly to Santorini and then take one of the numerous daily ferries or speed boats to Naxos. To enjoy the breathtaking Santorini landscape we recommend renting a cave house at Ambelia Villas, in the traditional settlement of Finikia (800 m. from Oia). Santorini is one of the top-10 islands in the world, a must-see at least once in a lifetime. Don't miss the opportunity.

Check our offers out and contact us!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Summer goes on!

Well, for lots of you summer is over and schools have already started in many parts of Europe, namely Germany. Those of you who are lucky to still have holidays to spend, we have some great ideas. Anyway, this has been the hottest summer in the northern hemisphere the last some-150 years and it is still not over!

For bookings in September or October we offer a 5-10% discount on the official prices depending on the accommodation you may choose. For example, Eleni Villa in Agidia (5 minutes by car from Naxos Chora and Agios Georgios beach) offers

  • a 10% discount for a booking of 7 days and 
  • a 15% discount for a booking of 14 days. 
Or you can rent a fully equipped 4 bedrooms' villa at Alyko beach and get a car! 

You can even take advantage of early bookings, yes, for next year. We have offers for:

And don't forget, in September our customers have a discount at Plaka Water Sports!

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Eating out 2012 - update

Well, a lot can happen during a year, a whole life can change, newcomers can bring us new experiences and alter our beliefs or our plans. As you know, we have had new partners on but it seems we also have new arrivals on the island in terms of food and entertainment.

The first new arrival worth mentioning is actually an italian wine bar - bistro L' Osteria, run by Italians. They opened their gates last December, in a tastefully renovated old house in the heart of Chora. Dolly the chef cooperated with Lucas the restaurateur and have created a place which combines quality delicatessen, some Italian and Greek wines (not only bottled) and a warm atmosphere (plus a projector for showing all the major Euro matches!). They change their menu almost daily. Tip: I celebrated my birthday in L' Osteria and not only did Dolly prepare us a Tiramisu for the occasion, but she also told us about the origins of the famous italian sweet.

A few meters further away, we have another new arrival, a Tapas/Spanish restaurant, Anda Jaleo serving tapas, paellas, pasta and offering breathtaking views over the harbor at sunset. Try their Veal tenderloin with blue cheese sauce. Negative: they only serve bottled wines at the usual restaurant prices.

And what about the old restaurants, I hear you ask. Well, they are all still there, ready to welcome you. Well, I was pleasantly surprised at the small taverna at Mikri Vigla beach, they changed some personnel and they are extremely friendly this year. It is a nice choice if you spend the day at the beach and need something to bite.

- Apostolis has a wide range of dishes (and prices), their service is friendly and the quality of the food is standard, even when they are full. My personal best, Apostolis Escalope!

- Metaxy mas found their pace and all dishes are fresh and tasty. Octopus on the grill or even fish are a big hit. And by far, the cheapest restaurant in town.

I was also happy to "discover" Manolis Garden, a few meters further from Metaxy mas. Friendly service, a nice garden (obviously) and their rabbit stifado is among their most tasty dishes. Extra bonus, Manolis' son may give you instructions to a secret beach on the north side of the island!

If you explore the mainland and the antiquities in the area, then it is definitely worth it to walk by Sangri - and have your meal at Johny's tavern. They offer an extended menu, the only tavern on the island certified by the Greek National Tourism Organisation as serving Greek cuisine.

In the meantime, here is your chance to learn a few things about the Greek gastronomy and even try some basic recipes!

PS Irrelevant, but don't order complicated cocktails anywhere, you will be disappointed. Just stick to the basics. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Updates on Naxos hotels and apartments this summer

I came back from Naxos for a few days and I am still not sure where to start from! I have hundreds of new photos to show you, I have new shops and activities to recommend, I have secret tips to share with you.

At the moment, I can only say that Naxos in May and in June is another world, the nature is blossoming, the air is still fresh in the evenings and most beaches are empty - their crystal waters take you to heaven. Take a look at some photos from the island and I'll get back to you with all the updates in the next days.

In the meantime, we have some special offers on Naxos hotels:

  • Book Eleni Villas in June and July and get one day for free!  Located in the village of Agidia, this family accommodation (2 appartments and 1 studio) provides access to Naxos trekking routes and is at 5 min. drive from Naxos Chora. Don't miss Eleni's hospitality and barbecues!
  • Check new prices offered by Simos Hotel in Agios Georgios, at just 150 meters from the beach
  • Check our new very competitive prices at Bourgos, right next to the castle in the venetian old town of Naxos (Chora) - extra bonus, an amazing terrace view over the port and Portara

    Wednesday, April 25, 2012

    Special offers Naxos hotels and apartments

    Naxos has always been a good value for money tourist destination. A plethora of hotels and other self catering accommodation, majestic beaches, ancient monuments and museums, entertainment and water sports at a fraction of the cost required on other islands of the Cyclades. This season even more so, thanks to discounts, seasonal offers and new arrivals.

    Hotel Akti Karra, at 50 meters from Plaka beach, has a special offer for our customers: from now on you can get a discount of up to 20% on the prices shown on our site. As an example, 2 persons can spend a 14 days' vacation in a studio with seaview for only 420 euros, or 210 euros per person for 2 weeks!

    Eleni Villas, at Agidia a quiet village at 5 min. drive from the center of Naxos Chora, has special prices in April, May and October: if you book 7 days, you get a 10% discount and if you book 14 days you get a 20% discount!

    Actually, it is often possible to offer you better prices for hotels, apartments and studios on Naxos island, depending on time and duration of your holiday or number of accommodation required.

    Ask us for your individual offer, take no longer! And don't forget, it is almost 25 C at the moment on Naxos.

    Thursday, April 12, 2012

    New accommodation available

    This season we have refreshed a little bit the list of our partners on Naxos, always considering the needs of our customers for a relaxing holiday in a friendly and quality environment - and of course their comments.

    The options now include:

    Bourgos Studios right next to the venetian castle in Naxos Town (Chora). Ideal for those who want to be in the center of the islands' life, near the museums, the shops, the restaurants and the night life. You can still walk to the beach (at 15 min. walk you can reach Agios Georgios popular beach) and of course you can take any bus or rent a car to explore the magic corners of the whole island. Note for those staying in or visiting the castle in general, 3G network is not always available and Vodafone GR does not really have a good signal in the castle.

    Simos Studios are located near the Agios Georgios beach (actually, at only 150 meters from the beach). Recommended for those who want to take a morning swim, before setting off to explore the rest of the islands' beaches, coves, monuments and mountainous villages. In the evening you can walk to Naxos Town (Chora), or dine by the seaside.

    The same applies for Villa Naxia, located at 60 meters from Agios Georgios beach. Villa Naxia provides studios for up to 3 persons and Apartments for up to 5 persons.

    All 3 new accommodation on our website come at reasonable prices, with studios for 2 persons starting at 30 or 35 euros during shoulder months. Get your personalised offer by simply filling in an enquiry form.

    We will be happy to accommodate you on Naxos where "culture meets nature".

    Tuesday, April 10, 2012

    Book your tickets now!

    Well, after some time -and quite a few malfunctions of Olympic Air site- the summer flight schedule has been published and you can at last book your tickets to and from Naxos.
    But hurry up, as you know, the planes are really small

    As for the ferries, it seems that unfortunately this year High Speed ferries will not fully operate until mid June, leaving Blue Star Ferries dominating the market with their brand new vessel, Delos. At least, correct me if my memory fails me, tickets are still at the same price as last year - but Blue Stars have decreased their sailing speed in order to save money on petrol.

    Check the schedules on our travel section, but do come back later in spring or visit directly the companies' websites, Greek ferries' schedules are often... a work in progress.

    Tuesday, February 28, 2012

    Wie komme ich nach Naxos

    Leider sind auch dieses Jahr die verantwortlichen Unternehmen wie Hellenic Seaways oder Olympic Air nicht in der Lage die Fahr- bzw. Flugpläne anzubieten. Bis heute gibt es keine Auskunft für unsere Naxos Gäste. Dies ist sehr schade, denn schließlich möchte man wissen, wie man von Athen nach Naxos kommt.
    Wir werden natürlich alle unsere Urlaubsgäste umgehend informieren, sobald es diese Informationen gibt.
    Selbstverständlich werden wir dies auch auf unserer Homepage