Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Summer goes on!

Well, for lots of you summer is over and schools have already started in many parts of Europe, namely Germany. Those of you who are lucky to still have holidays to spend, we have some great ideas. Anyway, this has been the hottest summer in the northern hemisphere the last some-150 years and it is still not over!

For bookings in September or October we offer a 5-10% discount on the official prices depending on the accommodation you may choose. For example, Eleni Villa in Agidia (5 minutes by car from Naxos Chora and Agios Georgios beach) offers

  • a 10% discount for a booking of 7 days and 
  • a 15% discount for a booking of 14 days. 
Or you can rent a fully equipped 4 bedrooms' villa at Alyko beach and get a car! 

You can even take advantage of early bookings, yes, for next year. We have offers for:

And don't forget, in September our customers have a discount at Plaka Water Sports!

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