Monday, February 18, 2013

Which hotel is best for me on Naxos island?

This was approximately the title of a page I stumbled upon a user had posted the results of hotels on Naxos from an on line booking site and was asking for "help! which hotel is best".

Well, with us, Naxos Apartments, you will not need to resolve to such measures! Our site presents a variety of tourist accommodation, from 5 stars' hotels to villas, to apartments and studios by the seaside or further inland, with/without pool and other amenities.

We personally know the proprietors of the hotels we represent, often the photos we show we shot ourselves and since we have published the site, we have spent holiday time at most of them. So, yes, we know exactly if a family of 3 can stay in a studio at Sea Melody (yes, they can), exactly how rich a Greek breakfast is at Maria Studios (very!), which are the apartments with sea view at Evi Plaka Studios (spoiler alert!), how spacious is the bathroom at Valena Mare, we know if you will need a car at the hotel of your choice and so on and so forth.

When you book with us, you don't have to surf around trying to find the answer to which is the best hotel or studio for you, you can simply ask for our advice and depending on your status (family, couple, singles), your preferences (beach? village? central? secluded?) and your needs (kitesurfing? swimming? nightlife? gastronomy? relaxing?) we can suggest the best option for you from a variety of hotels, apartments and studios.

And of course, from the moment you book with us, you are always on our mind. We will immediately notify you when ferry or airplane schedules become available, we will arrange your transport on the island, we can arrange discounts for you on some activities, we can recommend you places to go and attractions to see. We can even help you with a stop over in Athens or a trip to Santorini.

So, why bother when the answer to the question "which hotel is best" lies here with us? Trust us and contact us.