Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Naxos Luxury Hotels

We have often praised the qualities of Naxos island, in terms of nature, culture, activities or dining. However, we haven't given the necessary emphasis to another aspect we often need in our holidays: luxury!

Naxos -and our partners- do provide all modern amenities and luxuries in boutique hotels, ensuring a relaxing vacation with all comforts you may crave for.

  • Naxos Island Hotel is a new luxury 5 star hotel located at 30 meters from the  famous Agios Prokopios beach. It is constructed in the traditional Cycladic style and offers fully equipped rooms with sea view or with a small garden. Jacuzzi, gym, spa, beauty treatments & various types of massage, massage rooms, 2 restaurants, aquarium, roof swimming pool, roof bar, newsagent, gift shop, hairdresser salon, private parking, conference room and 24 hours reception service are features of this luxurious hotel. 
  • Michalis Studios Hotel is located in a quiet area between Naxos town (Chora) and Agios Arsenios, close to the laguna beach. It was refurbished last year and now provides more spacious apartments and studios as well as a fully equipped spa. And it all comes with the high quality of service you expect from a 4 star hotel.
  • Villa Alyko is at 200 meters from Alyko beach.The spacious villa offers accommodation for up to 9 persons and consists of 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, balconies, a great garden with barbecue and a veranda with sea view. Plus a private path of 200 m. which leads to the more or less secluded beach of Alyko, with sea dunes. Luxury in a serene environment. 
These are all places where the rich culture and nature of Naxos are combined with modern luxury, high quality services and traditional hospitality to provide you with the best possible stay and memories from the island. 

Contact us for further enquiries!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Good news!

At 21-22 degrees Celcius today, on a sunny spring day, one can only be positive and think of good news!! So, here we go:

  1. Our guests can benefit of a 15% discount in car or motorbike rentals in May, June and September when they book with our partners on the island. Remember, Naxos is the biggest island of the Cyclades and in addition to the majestic beaches, it offers visitors a variety of landscapes and picturesque villages as well as a rich cultural heritage with ancient and medieval monuments. Therefore, to fully grasp the beauty of the island (especially when everything is blossoming in spring), no matter at which of our partner hotels you stay, we strongly recommend you to rent a car or a motorbike for at least some days of your holidays.
  2. Plaka Watersports offers our guests a discount of 10% in May, June and September in any of the watersports or other activities  they provide (biking, horse riding etc). Remember,  the Cyclades are famous for the wind "meltemi", a strong, steady northern wind and Naxos is a hot spot for windsurfing or kitesurfing (check our post in 2011). Apparently, our partner hotels on Agia Anna and Plaka beach  provide an easier access to Plaka Watersports
  3. There are still some vacant seats for Olympic Air flights Athens - Naxos during summer. As many of you know, the aircraft is very small, so if you consider the option of flying (30 minutes) instead of taking a ferry, (5 hours), book quickly. Besides, high speed ferries have not yet published their itinerary - Blue Star is as every year sailing to Naxos twice daily, at 07.25 and at 17.30  
  4. If you fly to Santorini on the way to Naxos or if you simply want to visit this volcanic island, we can help with your hotel accommodation there and give you the opportunity to book a studio or apartment at the Ambelia Traditional Villas in Finikia, at 15 walking minutes from Oia. And in this case, you will experience 2013 Year of Gastronomy  in Santorini!
  5. And some general good news for the Greek tourism: the Greek National Tourism Organisation's stand at ITB Berlin 2013 came in second place in the Europe category of the Best Exhibitor Awards for booth construction, information contents, service quality, friendliness and special effects. The Region of Southern Aegean (Naxos included of course) was co-exhibiting as well as the campaign "Green Tourism in Greece". 
And last but not least, we remind you that the Greek Orthodox Easter is on the 5th of May this year. It is a splendid opportunity to get to experience a very different, rather mystical, kind of Easter and to more intimately get to know Naxos and its people at very competitive prices. Contact us for more info on hotels, apartments and studios! 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Which hotel is best for me on Naxos island?

This was approximately the title of a page I stumbled upon a user had posted the results of hotels on Naxos from an on line booking site and was asking for "help! which hotel is best".

Well, with us, Naxos Apartments, you will not need to resolve to such measures! Our site presents a variety of tourist accommodation, from 5 stars' hotels to villas, to apartments and studios by the seaside or further inland, with/without pool and other amenities.

We personally know the proprietors of the hotels we represent, often the photos we show we shot ourselves and since we have published the site, we have spent holiday time at most of them. So, yes, we know exactly if a family of 3 can stay in a studio at Sea Melody (yes, they can), exactly how rich a Greek breakfast is at Maria Studios (very!), which are the apartments with sea view at Evi Plaka Studios (spoiler alert!), how spacious is the bathroom at Valena Mare, we know if you will need a car at the hotel of your choice and so on and so forth.

When you book with us, you don't have to surf around trying to find the answer to which is the best hotel or studio for you, you can simply ask for our advice and depending on your status (family, couple, singles), your preferences (beach? village? central? secluded?) and your needs (kitesurfing? swimming? nightlife? gastronomy? relaxing?) we can suggest the best option for you from a variety of hotels, apartments and studios.

And of course, from the moment you book with us, you are always on our mind. We will immediately notify you when ferry or airplane schedules become available, we will arrange your transport on the island, we can arrange discounts for you on some activities, we can recommend you places to go and attractions to see. We can even help you with a stop over in Athens or a trip to Santorini.

So, why bother when the answer to the question "which hotel is best" lies here with us? Trust us and contact us.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Time to book your summer holiday 2013 to Naxos!

Christmas holidays are well behind us by now and winter is at its peak - well, depending on whether you are at the moment in sunny southern Greece or in the north of Europe...

In any case, it is the perfect moment to look back at photos and videos from our past holidays and plan ahead!

Here is a kick start, watch our last video on YouTube - and then drop by Naxos Apartments and surf through our variety of offers. Whether you want to have a luxurious holiday or an active one or a relaxing one, you will definitely find something among hotels, apartments and studios at all the most popular beaches of Naxos. For those seeking luxury and high end relaxation:

  • Michalis Studios near Naxos town underwent an extensive refurbishment and they now added to their facilities a well equipped spa and health-club! 
  • Naxos Island Hotel, a brand new 5stars' hotel at the beach of Agios Prokopios, provides health spa, and gym among other facilities - and a hairdresser salon!
Feel free to contact us at or through our contact form 

PS1. Olympic Airways published their flight schedule in November (98 euros Athens to Naxos, 80 euros Naxos to Athens). Book well in advance, because the planes are small. 

PS2. Ferries' schedules (Piraeus - Naxos) are not yet available, but experience tells us that there will be at least 2 Blue Star ferries departing daily, one around 07.00 and one around 17.00. The High Speed ferries also depart around 07.00-07.30 in the mornings and around 17.00 in the afternoons, but last summer 2012  were not sailing daily. We shall have to wait until Easter I guess before we find out their exact schedules, and will let you know, but the above can serve as a guideline when booking your flight to Athens.