Friday, November 25, 2016

Compare our prices 2017. You will be surprised

We all know it, a lot of things become a habit without even thinking about it.
This is also the case when you book your holiday. The big, well-known platforms claim that you book at the best price available, often with a 50% discount or a 70% discount or more.

In addition, you immediately get the information that only one studio is still available and at the moment 100 other prospective customers are watching this studio. We call this the "scary booking".

Below we would like to show you some price comparisons for the holidays 2017 on Naxos. You will see that discounts are relative if the final price is nevertheless significantly higher than the price WE offer.

1. My Villa 

The brand new luxurious villas with private pool close to Naxos town are available since last year. The villas are for up to 4 persons each. 

My Villa Naxos

Price example:

01.06 - 11.06 for 10 days

Other websites: 290 euro per day
Our price: 250 euro per day

Saving: 40 euro per day, 400 euro in total

02.08 - 12.08 for 10 days

Other websites: 380 euro per day
Our price: 350 euro per day

Saving: 30 euro per day, 300 euro in total

2. Hotel Francesca 

Hotel Francesca is located in Agios Prokopios in a quiet area. The hotel was renovated in 2014 with the addition of a swimming pool

Price example

Studio for 2 persons 07.08 - 17.08 for 10 days

Other websites: 115 euro per day
Our price: 95 euro per day

Saving 20 euro per day, 200 euro in total

3. Naxos Island Hotel

Also located in Agios Prokopios, the 5 stars Naxos Island Hotel offers high quality facilities and services.

Price example

Double room with side sea view 03.07 - 13.07 for 10 days

Other websites: 240 euro per day
Our price: 185 euro per day

Saving: 55 euro per day, 550 euro in total

We could go on showing you the huge savings you can make booking your holiday 2017 on Naxos with us. Just browse our website, compare prices and our services with other websites and contact us at any time for your offer or additional questions. We are at your disposal at any time


Monday, April 25, 2016

Naxos Guide update

Right on time, just before the holiday season 2016 we updated our iphone Naxos guide application.
We added all our hotels, apartments and studios on Naxos including all information, facilities, pictures and of course location and a routing feature. Thus now you have a complete overview of all our accommodations on Naxos.

As many years now, we offer a wide range of accommodations. Starting with economic studios directly at Plaka beach like Sea Melody, which offers spaceous studios starting at 35 euro.

Sea Melody studios for up to 4 persons

In addition a very good deal is Acti Plaka again directly at Plaka beach. With studios for 2, 3 and 4 persons as well as apartments for up to 5 persons Acti Plaka can offer you the accommodation you are looking for. At Acti Plaka you have the option to order breakfast and since last season you can also rent a car directly from the family running the accommodation.

Studios and apartments at Acti Plaka

Do you like luxurious rooms, studios and apartments? Then you should check out Ammos Exclusive Apartments near Naxos town and of course the 5 stars Naxos Island Hotel in Agios Prokopios!!
Those two accommodations offer everything you can imagine for a great stay on Naxos, from spa and gym to hairdresser and delicious dining. Just check them out.

Luxus at the Ammos Exclusive Apartments

Luxury 5 stars Naxos Island Hotel

These are just some examples on what we offer. Just explore our website or our iphone application and you will find your accommodation as well as all information on how to get to Naxos, where to eat and what to see.

And don't worry in case we did not cover some of your questions or requirements regarding your travel and your stay on Naxos. Just ask us and we will be at your disposal at any time.

Have a great summer 2016 on the Cycladic island of Naxos!!