Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Time to book your summer holiday 2013 to Naxos!

Christmas holidays are well behind us by now and winter is at its peak - well, depending on whether you are at the moment in sunny southern Greece or in the north of Europe...

In any case, it is the perfect moment to look back at photos and videos from our past holidays and plan ahead!

Here is a kick start, watch our last video on YouTube - and then drop by Naxos Apartments and surf through our variety of offers. Whether you want to have a luxurious holiday or an active one or a relaxing one, you will definitely find something among hotels, apartments and studios at all the most popular beaches of Naxos. For those seeking luxury and high end relaxation:

  • Michalis Studios near Naxos town underwent an extensive refurbishment and they now added to their facilities a well equipped spa and health-club! 
  • Naxos Island Hotel, a brand new 5stars' hotel at the beach of Agios Prokopios, provides health spa, and gym among other facilities - and a hairdresser salon!
Feel free to contact us at or through our contact form 

PS1. Olympic Airways published their flight schedule in November (98 euros Athens to Naxos, 80 euros Naxos to Athens). Book well in advance, because the planes are small. 

PS2. Ferries' schedules (Piraeus - Naxos) are not yet available, but experience tells us that there will be at least 2 Blue Star ferries departing daily, one around 07.00 and one around 17.00. The High Speed ferries also depart around 07.00-07.30 in the mornings and around 17.00 in the afternoons, but last summer 2012  were not sailing daily. We shall have to wait until Easter I guess before we find out their exact schedules, and will let you know, but the above can serve as a guideline when booking your flight to Athens.